Fall 2018 Conference

Where: Lakemont, GA 30552

When: October 12-14, 2018

Cost: Early Registration on or before September 30th: $95

Late Registration closes on Friday, October 5th: $125

The bi-annual Christian Students Conference brings students from the Southeast U.S. together for a whole weekend. Students will hear several messages from the Word of God on a topic imparting life-changing vision, revelation, and application for our lives today. They always lead us closer to the Lord Jesus and His eternal purpose while also forming and strengthening our companionship with one another.

In Matthew 17:2, the Lord brought the disciples “…up to a high mountain privately.” There they received a very special vision concerning Christ which had not been revealed previously. In order for us to see something higher and deeper concerning the Lord Jesus, we realize we also need to be “brought up to a high mountain”, away from the things of the earth. Come join us as we go up this “mountain”, away from our busy school schedules, to see something more concerning this wonderful Person and His purpose!

Why Do We Need To Go To Christian Conferences?

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